'Postable' YouTube Video

In July of 2019, I was asked to be interviewed on the issue of reconciliation and election issues for a new PostMedia YouTube channel called ‘Postable’. I didn’t think I would be able to be interviewed, as I was not in Toronto where the interviewer was located. However, I was accommodated by being interviewed by Google Chat and FaceTime. It was somewhat difficult to be interviewed, as I had frequent connection issues. The finished video turned out well and offers a range of Indigenous people’s experiences and political issues.

The YouTube video is called “The Lost Children: A Canadian Cover-Up”. Manuela Vega interviewed myself along with Lee Maracle, Tara Williamson, Eddy Robinson, Tavia Christina, and Michael Ethrington were interviewed as well. A small but eloquent, strong, and smart sample of some of Indigenous folks and their experiences.

Watch the video here: